The SmartHeart®
Hospital Readmission Reduction Program

The SmartHeart® Hospital Readmission Reduction Program

The SmartHeart® Hospital Readmission Reduction Program


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The SmartHeart® Hospital Readmission Reduction Program





    Reducing Costs and Eliminating Risks

    The SmartHeart®️ Hospital Readmission Reduction Program helps providers to decrease unnecessary cardiac readmissions at no financial risk. SmartHeart® provides 24/7, at-home monitoring for discharged cardiac patients by pairing the SmartHeart® portable 12-lead EKG with a national team of board-certified cardiologists on call for the patient. If a discharged patient in the program returns before 60 days, SmartHeart® charges the provider nothing.


    24/7 Cardiologist Network

    Through the SmartHeart®️ Hospital Readmission Reduction Program, cardiac patients can get access to a 24/7 network of board-certified cardiologists to provide preliminary interpretation for any EKG performed using SmartHeart®️. Once the EKG has been reviewed, providers can be informed of any pertinent information in order to act accordingly. Providers even have the ability to choose what symptoms they would like to be informed of and what symptoms will not require a readmission.


    Increase Patient Satisfaction

    After discharge, many cardiac patients experience high levels of stress which leads to anxiety, sleep deprivation, headaches, indigestion, difficulty breathing, and even more serious outcomes. Studies have shown that more communication between patient and provider post-discharge can significantly reduce the amount of stress on a patient. Using SmartHeart®, providers can give patients better communication and comfort while reducing the burden on staff in the facility.


    How SmartHeart® Helps

    Lower Costs

    • Lower 30-day mortality scores
    • Reduce 30-day readmission rates
    • Decrease healthcare costs for providers, payers, and patients

    Ease Staff Burdens

    • Reduced visits to the ER alleviates the resource burden
    • Lower staff burnout
    • Enable a higher level of care for patients in immediate need

    Improve Patient Outcomes

    • Increase patient communication
    • Raise patient comfort levels
    • 24/7 interpretation from board-certified cardiologists

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