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As the only portable, 12-lead ECG technology with unlimited 24/7 cardiology review, SmartHeart® is transforming the way healthcare professionals diagnose and manage heart disease.

SmartHeart® Features

Connect your SmartHeart to your mobile device via Bluetooth for seamless connectivity.

Our design doesn’t require sticky application gels. Just some dabs of water will do.

Battery powered and lightweight, SmartHeart can travel from room to room and beyond.

Even patients with no medical training can perform full ECGs from home to hotel and beyond.

Our network of licensed, credentialed and board-certified cardiologists are available around-the-clock to conduct full ECG interpretations.


SmartHeart streamlines heart healthcare and expenses. An alternative to expensive, heavy equipment, this device optimizes care and reduces waste and costs.


For anyone wanting to take control of their heart health, SmartHeart is an excellent tool. Easy to use at home, patients can reduce their time in waiting rooms and gain peace of mind.

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Transform the way you diagnose and manage heart disease with cutting-edge, portable, 12-lead technology and unlimited 24/7 cardiology review. Book a demo today to learn more

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The cost of care for patients with acute myocardial infarction continues after patients leave the hospital. At-home solutions offer a cost-effective means to manage cardiovascular disease. Telehealth services facilitated by SmartHeart®, the only FDA-cleared, hospital-grade, remote 12-lead ECG, enables substantial cost savings, while improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.