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The SmartHeart® Advantage


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The SmartHeart® Advantage





The Benefits of SmartHeart®

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We constantly strive to provide advanced technology for healthcare professionals that can be used inpatient or out. SmartHeart®️ is a portable 12-lead ECG that allows medical personnel and patients to quickly perform a full 12-lead ECG, with minimal training and experience. Physicians can now monitor their patient’s heart digitally anywhere and at any time. SmartHeart®️ is the only 12-lead ECG technology that can be easily used by provider or patient in an inpatient setting or in the home. Fast. Reliable. Easy to use. SmartHeart®.


Supporting Healthcare Providers

Optimize Care
Hospitals and healthcare facilities can provide more efficient care with SmartHeart®️. This mobile ECG device is extremely portable, weighing less than one pound and administers an ECG in 30 seconds. Optimize time of care for your patients with SmartHeart®️.

Reduce Cost and Waste
Healthcare professionals now have an alternative to expensive, heavy ECG machines with a cost-effective, lightweight ECG device that requires little maintenance. Plus, SmartHeart®️ is designed to cut waste by utilizing reusable leads that don’t require adhesive electrodes, gels, or patches.


ECG Solutions for Patients

Easy to Use
When prescribed by a physician, patients can perform a full 12-lead ECG themselves with a small, portable device that’s easy to use and doesn’t require gel or adhesives. Powered by just two lithium AAA batteries and using Bluetooth technology, SmartHeart®️ can pair with any smart device so users can review ECG results right from their cellphone or tablet.

Save Time and Money
Spend far less time and money on doctor visits with SmartHeart®️. Patients can now reduce unnecessary in-person visits by sharing ongoing symptoms and ECG results with their doctor directly from the SmartHeart®️ app.

Peace of Mind
By equipping them to perform their own ECGs with SmartHeart®️, patients feel even more confident in trusting their providers’ recommendations.


SmartHeart®: Full 12-Lead ECG


Less Training for Clinicians

  • SmartHeart®️ is so easy to use that you don’t need to have any medical training to administer an ECG.
  • Easily learn how to perform an ECG with one scheduled training session or with our video guide.
  • Healthcare facilities can save time, money, and resources on training by switching to SmartHeart®️.

Easily Manage Patient Profiles

  • SmartHeart®️ is especially convenient for physician offices because doctors and nurses can easily add and edit patient profiles directly from the SmartHeart®️ app.
  • Create a detailed history of the patient with stored ECG reports.
  • Document reported symptoms and other health history notes.

Cloud-Based ECG Viewing

  • Easily compare multiple ECG results via the SmartHeart®️ web platform.
  • All results are immediately available for review by providers.
  • Quickly access all relevant information via web portal.

Discover SmartHeart®️

Contact us to learn more about how SHL continues to develop technology solutions and advanced telemedicine services for monitoring of the heart.