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Discover why healthcare professionals are switching to SmartHeart®.

The Ideal Solution

Designed by a world-class team of experts for portability, ease of use, and convenience, SmartHeart is the ideal 12-lead ECG solution for every aspect of heart health.

Hospitals & Health Systems​

Increased Efficiency

Use SmartHeart to reduce time spent performing ECGs and redirect valuable labor to increase productivity.

Reduce Readmissions

Reduces ER visits, unnecessary testing and readmissions, mitigating payer penalties – lowering costs, elevating quality of care and increasing patient satisfaction.

Better Outcomes

Patients monitored with a 12-lead ECG at home for one year following a heart attack demonstrated 2X lower mortality than patients who received no monitoring.¹

Deliver Care, Anywhere

Prescribe SmartHeart in both inpatient and outpatient settings or enable patients and their caregivers to perform high-quality ECGs from the comfort of home. 

¹ Roth, Malov, et al. Telemedicine for Post-MI Patients: An Observational Study. Telemedicine and eHealth Vol 15: Jan/Feb 2009.

Physician Practices & Medical Offices


With no training or certification required, both medical and non-medical personnel can now quickly perform high-quality, 12-lead ECGs - saving valuable time and increasing patient throughput.

Peace of Mind for
Your Patients

Prescribing a diagnostic tool as valuable as a 12-lead ECG allows at-risk patients to rest easy knowing their heart is the care of expert clinical staff, 24/7.

Quick and

Patients dread getting traditional ECGs. Take the discomfort out of the 12-lead ECG process with SmartHeart’s fully integrated system that eliminates the need for shaving, gels or sticky adhesives.


Lightweight, versatile, and operated via a mobile app, SmartHeart can be used in any setting.

Convenient Care & Retail Clinics

Accessible Healthcare

SmartHeart helps convenient care providers by making high-quality cardiac care accessible, affordable, and fast.

Comfortable and Convenient

Eliminate uncomfortable 12-lead ECG testing. Our device delivers rapid results and functions without messy or painful disposables so patients don’t have to wait and walk away satisfied.

24/7 ECG Interpretation

Providers can deliver high-quality, cardiologist-interpreted ECGs, supporting pre-surgical evaluations, athletic screenings or wellness visits in a matter of minutes.

Streamline Workflow

Reduce staff training, testing time, and space required – all while increasing patient throughput. 

In-Home Care Services

Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Differentiate your organization by offering 12-lead ECGs to patients at home to keep them from unnecessary ER visits and hospital readmissions.


Little to no training is required for your staff to perform a high-quality ECG in about 30 seconds

Comfortable Use

The small size of the SmartHeart device, with no sticky gels or adhesives required, allows patients to sit comfortably while the ECG is performed.

Fully Reusable

With proper cleaning, SmartHeart can be used again and again with the capability to produce 100 ECGs before changing batteries.

Telemedicine & Mobile Health Companies

The Most Mobile ECG Technology

Weighing just about one pound, SmartHeart fits in a convenient carrying case and runs on two AAA lithium batteries.

Remote Monitoring

Prescribe SmartHeart to monitor patients as part of your telehealth offerings and avoid costly transport.

Clinical Quality ECG

Increase your service offerings and value proposition by digitally receiving SmartHeart readings remotely. Deliver hospital-grade ECG results in the home.

Post-Acute Facilities

Immediate Care

SmartHeart ECGs can be done immediately, with no waiting for a mobile diagnostic company necessary!

Reduced Costs

This efficient ECG solution costs a fraction of normal Mobile Diagnostics. Take back diagnostic control, elevate patient care and save money.

High-Acuity Care

Accept more short term, high-acuity patients that need more specialized care.

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The cost of care for patients with acute myocardial infarction continues after patients leave the hospital. At-home solutions offer a cost-effective means to manage cardiovascular disease. Telehealth services facilitated by SmartHeart®, the only FDA-cleared, hospital-grade, remote 12-lead ECG, enables substantial cost savings, while improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.