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The Ideal Solution

Designed by a world-class team of experts for portability, ease of use, and convenience, SmartHeart®️ is the ideal 12-lead EKG solution for every aspect of healthcare.


Hospitals & Health Systems

Increased Efficiency
Hospitals & health systems can use SmartHeart®️ inpatient to reduce time spent performing EKGs and redirect valuable labor in order to increase productivity. More efficient time spent, quicker results, and a more comfortable EKG experience for the patient.

SmartHeart®️ fits into so many use cases that it can also be prescribed and used outpatient, such as in the patient’s home. This can be performed by the patient, a home health provider, or the hospital’s visiting clinical staff. The appropriate provider will immediately receive the results.

Better Outcomes
Sending the patient home with a SmartHeart®️ aids in efforts to keep the patients out of the ER unnecessary and even worse being readmitted. Whether it is Post MI, TAVR, Hypertensive, etc. SmartHeart®️ keeps the patient where research shows they have the best outcomes- their home.

Deliver Care, Anywhere
SmartHeart®️ enables hospitals and health systems to deliver advanced care in non traditional care settings, including the home.


Primary Care & Medical Offices

Maximize Productivity
With SmartHeart®️ your staff can quickly perform a 12-lead EKG and then move on to other important tasks or see more patients. Traditional EKG machines are cumbersome and take time. Your staff can take SmartHeart®️ to each exam room and quickly get valuable results.

Peace of Mind for Your Patients
The ability to prescribe a diagnostic tool as valuable as a 12-lead EKG will allow your patients the peace of mind they deserve. The easy-to-use application will guide the patient through the process and instantly send the results on completion.

Quick and Comfortable
Patients dread getting traditional EKGs. The process is burdensome and uncomfortable. With SmartHeart®️ there are no messy or painful disposables. Load the application, add moisture where indicated, tighten the belt, and within seconds SmartHeart®️ is providing the results for the provider to review.

Completely Portable
Lightweight, versatile, and operated via our mobile app, SmartHeart®️ can be used in any setting or environment to provide a high-quality EKG.


Convenient Care and Retail Pharmacies

Accessible Healthcare
Convenient care is accessible, affordable, quality healthcare. With SmartHeart®️ Convenient Care Providers have the ability to transform cardiac care with the delivery of a 12-lead EKG normally performed in a hospital.

Comfortable and Convenient
Patients dread getting traditional EKGs. The process is burdensome and uncomfortable. With SmartHeart®️ there are no messy or painful disposables. In Convenient Care settings, within seconds SmartHeart®️ is providing the results for the provider to review.

EKG Interpretation
Providers can deliver a Cardiologist-Interpreted EKG in a matter of minutes.

Value-Based Services
SmartHeart®️ helps deliver innovation in the provision of value-based services including PreOp evaluation.


In-Home Care Services

Reduce Hospital Readmissions
Create a differentiator from your competition by being able to offer a 12-lead EKG to your patients in the home as another tool to keep them from unnecessarily returning to the hospital.

Simple Operation
Little to no training required allows your staff to perform an EKG in as little as 30 seconds while providing a comfortable experience for the patient.

Comfortable Use
With SmartHeart®️, an EKG can be performed while the patient is sitting comfortably.

Fully Reusable
SmartHeart®️ does not require the use of any disposables and weighs approximately one pound. This makes it easy for your in home provider or caretaker to easily carry it upstairs or long distances to provide care for their patients.


Telemedicine & Mobile Health Companies

The Most Mobile EKG Technology
Weighing approximately 1lb, SmartHeart®️ packs into a conveniently sized carry case for travel. SmartHeart®️ runs off of two Lithium AAA batteries, allowing it to be used in any location. Take it to the patient or to the work-site/facility! SmartHeart®️ goes where you need it to.

Remote Monitoring
Prescribe the patient a SmartHeart®️ in order to monitor them remotely as part of your telehealth offerings. Avoid costly transports by having a 12-lead as another tool in the patient’s home.

Clinical Quality EKG
Increase your service offerings and value proposition. SmartHeart®️ provides fast and accurate results in as little as 30 seconds. The device uses 12 leads to give telehealth clinicians or mobile healthcare workers hospital-grade EKG results.


Post-Acute Facilities

Immediate Care
Mobile Diagnostics companies take time to respond. With SmartHeart®️ EKGs can be done immediately; no waiting necessary. The nursing staff can quickly and easily perform the ordered 12-lead EKG. Your Residents will appreciate not having adhesives placed across their bodies.

Reduced Costs
Mobile Diagnostics can be costly. SmartHeart®️ costs a fraction of mobile diagnostics and provides results in seconds or minutes, versus hours. Take diagnostic control back and get the providers the results they need timely, while not paying for an uncomfortable experience for your residents.

High-Acuity Care
With a 12-lead you can accept higher-acuity patients. Consider a cardiac unit or working with the discharge planners to get short term patients that need a higher level of care. SmartHeart®️ will be there to help you as your census mix improves.

Partner With Us
Ask your mobile diagnostic company to use SmartHeart®️. Your residents deserve it!


Discover SmartHeart®️

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