12-Lead ECG 
anytime, anywhere.

Introducing SmartHeart®, the first fully integrated, portable, 12-lead ECG technology with unlimited 24/7 preliminary reads by SHL clinical staff – for faster, easier and better diagnosis of heart disease.​

About SmartHeart®

Using cutting-edge technology, SmartHeart delivers a high-quality 12-lead ECG with zero professional training or certification required – streamlining heart care for both clinicians and patients. Lightweight and completely portable, SmartHeart is capable of generating quick results in ~30 seconds. 

Why SmartHeart®

Quick & easy set up

SmartHeart’s fully integrated system eliminates the need for shaving, sticky adhesives or gels. Simply strap the device to the patient’s chest for a quick read on symptoms.

Immediate results anywhere

The device delivers an ECG in ~30 seconds with expert interpretations in about 30 minutes. Our HIPAA-compliant data handling process means that patient data is always secure and encrypted.

High-quality FDA-cleared ECG technology

The in-app guided electrode application ensures a high-quality, accurate ECG is captured every time. When prescribed by a physician, patients can easily perform a full 12-lead ECG on their own.

Pairs with any smart mobile device

Using the latest Bluetooth® technology, SmartHeart can pair wirelessly with any smart device to deliver fast and accurate results. Compatible with Apple and Android.

24/7 ECG review

Our network of licensed, credentialed, and board-certified cardiologists are available around-the-clock to provide full ECG interpretations. Unlimited preliminary reads provided by SHL’s global telemedicine center.

Cardiologist Review on Demand

Along with unlimited preliminary reviews from our telemedicine service, SmartHeart also offers on-demand, full interpretations from our network of licensed, credentialed, and board-certified cardiologists. These reviews are returned to users within 30 minutes. 

What SmartHeart®
Can Do for You

We created SmartHeart to support healthcare providers in their goals to extend lifespan, improve patient outcomes and satisfaction – for improved efficiency and total peace of mind. 

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*In patients monitored with at home 12-Lead EKG for 1 year following an MI.

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We set out to improve health span, reduce mortality, and decrease the financial burden of heart disease. With this in mind, we transformed the gold standard test for screening patients with suspected heart conditions and heart attacks by making it portable, painless and easy to use. For the first time ever, valuable information about your patient’s hearts can be delivered in ~30 seconds and reviewed by a board-certified cardiologist in roughly 30 minutes – for smarter and faster clinical care of heart disease.

  • SmartHeart has made it possible for me to study real-time ECG changes in patients with heart disease, without the need for in person research visits. Patients are excited about participating because the SmartHeart is easy to use and gives them immediate feedback.

    Harmony Reynolds, MD
  • “SmartHeart® 12 Lead ECG technology has further enabled our company to achieve our goals of improved access to our board-certified cardiovascular specialists within seconds.”

    Robert Beto M.D. FACC
  • “As an Internal Medicine Physician, SmartHeart has been fantastic for my practice. The device is quick, easy to use, patient friendly, paperless and provides excellent tracings. I would recommend SmartHeart across multiple use cases.”

    Dr. Jonathan Jacobs, MD, Internal Medicine
  • “SmartHeart’s state-of-the art technology changes the game when it comes to managing at-risk patients, remotely.”

    Dr. Eduardo Montana, MD, MPH, MBA, Cardiologist

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The cost of care for patients with acute myocardial infarction continues after patients leave the hospital. At-home solutions offer a cost-effective means to manage cardiovascular disease. Telehealth services facilitated by SmartHeart®, the only FDA-cleared, hospital-grade, remote 12-lead ECG, enables substantial cost savings, while improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.