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Telemedicine Leaders for Over 25 Years

SHL Telemedicine provides innovative cardiac monitoring services to provide patients with the medical support in home environments, reducing the need for emergency intervention and hospitalization. Developed by SHL Telemedicine, SmartHeart®️ uses cutting-edge technology to deliver a portable, high-quality, 12-lead ECG technology that can be used anywhere.


Client Portfolio

Our global client base includes leading names in the healthcare sector, including payers, hospitals, group medical practices, individual healthcare professionals, and distributors of smart telemedicine products.

Our expert technology team continues to develop solutions for the growing need of high-quality care, whether in the hospital, at home, or in the clinic. Whether there is a need for portability or high accuracy, we provide ECG solutions that physicians can trust. Telemedicine and other mobile care solutions are becoming the norm in today’s healthcare system. Providers are adapting rapidly, and SHL Telemedicine is here to assist every provider in that process.


Our Mission

Our mission at SHL is to continue to lead the field of telemedicine, shape the medicine of tomorrow, and spread the message of remote medicine and care to people around the globe.

We constantly strive to provide our customers with better and more personalized healthcare services. We are focused on enabling them to have a better quality of life by closely listening to their heartbeat and assuring that immediate and professional medical care is available in times of need.

We invest our expertise in the research and development of innovative concepts that advance the field of telemedicine and evolve into state-of-the-art solutions that define the medicine of tomorrow.


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