How to use
your device

Explore this SmartHeart® guide to set up and use your device. This explanation will help you with the initial setup and subsequent uses.

Setting Up Your SmartHeart®

After receiving your SmartHeart® ECG, follow these steps to set up your device:

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Setup Your Account

After purchasing, you’ll receive a link to get started. Create a new password when prompted.

Insert the Batteries

Insert two AAA lithium batteries. Press and hold the button until the heart icon is blue and starts flashing.

Download the SmartHeart Pro App

Using the App Store or Google Play Store, download the SmartHeart Pro mobile application onto your smartphone or tablet.

Pair Your Device

Open the SmartHeart Pro mobile application, log in to your account, and enter the PIN code (using serial number found on the back of your device). You’ll be prompted to pair your device.

If you experience or encounter any issues please reach out to our customer service
team at or 1-866-745-8356.

Placing SmartHeart® on the Body

Correctly placing SmartHeart on the body can be done in a few simple steps.

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Prep the Skin

Using tap water, dampen the areas of the body that come in contact with the electrodes. Ensure this step is done on the inner parts of the left and right arm, left waist area, and chest (under the center housing and along the belt where the built-in electrodes are located).

Identify Belt Size

Drawing an imaginary line between the middle of the left underarm and the left hipbone indicates the chest size. Enter the belt size into SmartHeart Pro mobile application.

Position SmartHeart®

Place SmartHeart against the center of the chest. On men, the device should be ½ an inch below each nipple. Women should place the SmartHeart under the breasts, as high up as possible. Tighten the belt, positioning the electrodes on moistened areas.

Position Electrodes

Position the square electrode at the belt line against the patient’s bare skin, halfway between your navel and left hip where water was applied. Position the triangular electrode in the left armpit and the round electrode in the right armpit. Lower each arm to hold the electrodes in place.

Performing an ECG

Once the SmartHeart® has been correctly placed on the body, you are ready to perform an ECG.

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Launch the App

Launch the app, click “Perform ECG,” and follow the in-app instructions.

Check Placement of Electrodes

Follow instructions in the app to ensure all electrode positioning is correct. You or your patient may press down on the center housing for additional pressure. When electrode contact is confirmed, tap the “START ECG”.

Sit in a Comfortable Position

To perform the ECGs, have the patient sit comfortably, leaning slightly back with both hands between the thighs. 

Review ECG Results

Once the exam is complete, you will have the option to send the ECG for full review by a board-certified cardiologist. A fully interpreted report will be returned within 30 minutes. You can also review the report in the SmartHeart® Clinical Portal.

SmartHeart® ECG Report

Easily review patient ECG results in the SmartHeart portal.

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ECG Review 

For clinicians who have selected to receive preliminary reviews provided by SHL Telemedicine center: results will appear in the portal and app within a few minutes. Select from the standard list of diagnoses and enter desired interpretation.

For optional, full ECG interpretation by a board-certified cardiologist: select “Order Cardiologist Review” from the SmartHeart Pro app. Results will be delivered in less than 30 minutes.

Viewing & Sharing an ECG 

The ECG graph will be displayed on the left, while the ECG details and findings are shown in the pane on the right. Quickly compare historical ECGs side-by-side or share a copy of the patient’s ECG report through email from the SmartHeart Pro app or portal.


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