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About the SmartHeart® EKG Solution

SmartHeart®️ is an EKG technology developed by SHL Telemedicine, the leader in home-based medical technology. With SmartHeart®️, users can perform a full mobile EKG in any setting, including the patient’s home, using any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets.

This FDA-cleared technology meets all industry security and privacy standards, making this a safe and reliable platform for providers and patients. The ability to send a 12-lead EKG to the patient, versus sending the patient to the EKG will not only increase access to care, but will provide the opportunity for the medical provider to make a quicker diagnosis.


Revolutionizing Access to EKGs

Revolutionizing the EKG
SmartHeart®️ is transforming the EKG experience for providers by providing: faster results & increased productivity, a more comfortable experience for the patient, and EKG comparison features.

Remote 12-Lead EKG
Hospitals can send cardiac patients home with a SmartHeart®️ on discharge to aid in better outcomes, while Primary Care Physicians can prescribe SmartHeart®️ to patients for remote episodic monitoring in the home.

No Physician Required
Patients who are prescribed SmartHeart®️ can easily perform their own EKG tests from anywhere at anytime. Along with our easy to use guided application all of our customers have access to our customer service team. We are ready and happy to assist!


Powerful EKG Results

Results in the Palm of your Hand
With the SmartHeart®️ EKG device, users will receive immediate EKG results on their smart device and simultaneously on the web platform. This allows results to be viewed on site or remotely. The SmartHeart®️ app can be viewed on both Apple and Android devices.

Committed Support
SmartHeart®️ provides access to highly trained professionals who can provide Preliminary Review services as a second set of eyes and Board Certified Cardiologist Interpretations. SHL USA also offers full customer support, training, and virtual troubleshooting. We are committed to you and your patients.

Healthcare providers can save time and resources by switching to SmartHeart®, a portable and lightweight EKG technology.


Quick and Easy to Use for Anyone

  • Intuitive app walks users through each step of the process, ensuring a quality 12-lead EKG, as well as a simple process for the patient.
  • SmartHeart®️ uses no adhesives to perform an EKG, making this device a fast and comfortable option for patients.
Immediate Results Anywhere

Immediate Results Anywhere

  • SmartHeart®️ is the most portable EKG available, weighing approximately one pound.
  • The lightweight design allows for a hospital grade 12-lead EKG to be done wherever it is needed, providing a full EKG compared to devices with less than 12 leads.
  • SmartHeart®️ can be conveniently operated by both patients and doctors anywhere, anytime.

Pairs with any Smart Mobile Device

  • This device has been designed to be both user-friendly and accessible, able to be paired with any smart mobile device.
  • Our guided and innovative app is available for download on your smart device on either the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • SmartHeart®️ is the only digital, Bluetooth, 12-lead EKG technology that does not need an outlet to operate. SmartHeart®️ is designed to be used anywhere it is needed.
High-Quality FDA-Cleared EKG Technology

High-Quality FDA-Cleared EKG Technology

  • SmartHeart®️ is an FDA-cleared EKG technology that allows providers to increase their patients’ access to 12-lead EKGs.
  • Providers or patients can operate the SmartHeart®️ device while sitting or lying down to ensure maximum comfort with each EKG.

Discover SmartHeart®️

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