The Benefits of a Portable ECG Device


Heart disease, such as Ischemia, is reportedly the number one cause of death in America, killing close to 635,000 people every year. Portable EKG machines, also known as portable ECG machines, were designed to help monitor heart conditions in a more effective and manageable way in order to reduce the number of conditions left untreated and unmonitored. Traditional 12-lead ECG machines are time consuming, requiring connections with twelve separate wired leads to be attached to the patient’s body by a healthcare professional. Due to the size of traditional 12-lead ECG machines, these tests must typically be done in a hospital or office environment.

Using traditional 12-lead ECG devices, many common heart conditions can be difficult to record when in-person appointments must be scheduled. Common heart conditions such as cardiac arrhythmias “tend to be transient and episodic, making capture of the 12-lead EKG impractical during these episodes”, according to Washington Heart Rhythm Associates, LLC. By equipping medical professionals with portable ECG technology, healthcare providers can better optimize care and use up less valuable time. With portable ECGs, providers can offer more care for more patients, wherever they are.

Sending a patient home with a portable electrocardiogram machine such as SmartHeart® can “more conveniently monitor and identify the cause of an arrhythmia, pursue evidence of a high-risk arrhythmia syndrome, determine if there is evidence of a myocardial infarction, or “heart attack”, investigate any evidence of coronary artery blockages”, and more according to Washington HRA.

With the use of the SmartHeart® portable 12-lead ECG technology, health care providers will be able to offer patients the best care using reliable ECG results from any location. Portable ECG devices are the future of monitoring heart conditions and keeping healthcare facilities productive and efficient.

Managing ECG Reports in Seconds

When patients have access to a 12-lead ECG test at home, health care providers also have the convenience of accessing patients’ test results in less time than with a traditional electrocardiogram. Providers can easily view ECG results once a test is completed, despite being in a separate location from the patient. This means reports won’t have to be processed in the office and it won’t be necessary for patients to schedule an appointment just to have the results discussed.

SmartHeart® uses the latest Bluetooth technology to easily pair with mobile smart devices to perform an ECG. Then, the ECG results are instantly transferred to the appropriate provider. This gives providers the ability to diagnose and consult the patient wherever they are. When patients require several days for episodic monitoring, portable ECG machines keep them from having to stay overnight at a hospital or doctor’s office, freeing up rooms for other patients in a busy healthcare setting.

Reduce Hospital Readmissions

“More than 8 million patients with chest pain and/or anginal equivalent symptoms present to emergency departments each year, making it the second, most common cause of ED visits for adults”, says Dr. Jessica K. Zegre-Hemsey. Once a patient arrives to the emergency department, clinicians must rapidly differentiate between life-threatening conditions and non–life-threatening ones while also accurately determining which course of treatment will result in the best outcome for the patient. SmartHeart® can help reduce readmissions with remote episodic monitoring and easy comparison of ECG results through the SmartHeart® app and web platform.

A portable machine can ensure the patient can track cardiac events in the moments they are occurring. Many heart issues can occur irregularly and not always during the time the patient is in the office. Easily accessible reports will allow providers to inform patients if they need to urgently seek medical help or if they are only experiencing a minor heart condition or non-alarming symptoms.

Fast and Efficient Care 

Monitoring patients heart rates, heart rhythms, and preventing cardiac arrest from the comfort of the patient’s home is easier than ever with a portable ECG machine. All that is needed for the patient to perform an at home ECG test is a damp towel to create an electrical signal between the patient’s body and the monitor. SmartHeart® is designed to reduce waste by utilizing leads that don’t require uncomfortable adhesives, gels, or patches.

Traditional ECG tests have to be requested by a cardiologist which takes more time away from the doctor while a patient with a portable machine can simply perform their test whenever needed at home. SmartHeart® is a low-maintenance, wireless ECG device that weighs less than one pound, giving providers the ability to avoid bulky ECG equipment and provide more optimized care for patients.

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SmartHeart® is the leading 12-lead, portable, hospital-grade ECG device. This revolutionary new platform produces secure results in just 30 seconds while sending them instantaneously to the patient’s care provider.

With HIPAA compliant ECG data storage patients current and past ECGs are stored in the secured cloud and can be accessed from any mobile smart device or through the SmartHeart® web platform. SmartHeart® is the ideal portable 12-lead ECG device for the healthcare industry.

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