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What is SmartHeart®️?

SmartHeart®️ is the leading 12-lead EKG technology. With SmartHeart®️, users can have a full EKG in less than 30 seconds from the comfort of your own home. This high-quality EKG device is portable and convenient, weighing approximately one pound!


Does SmartHeart® have regulatory clearance?

Yes, SmartHeart®️ is FDA-cleared in the United States.


Is SmartHeart®️ as accurate as a standard 12-lead EKG machine?

Yes, SmartHeart®️ has been conducted in numerous clinical studies proving to be as accurate and efficacious as the standard 12-lead bedside EKG.

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Is SmartHeart®️ designed for both men and women of varying body sizes?

Yes, SmartHeart® is suitable for both men and women to use, and this EKG device comes with a belt that can be adjusted to a size small, medium, and large to ensure maximum comfort for all body types.


How quickly will I get my EKG results?

You will receive EKG results within seconds of using SmartHeart®. A full report of your EKG results are sent directly to your smartphone or tablet in the SmartHeart® app.


Is there a video tutorial on how to perform an EKG with SmartHeart®?

Yes, to view a video tutorial, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a guide for operating the SmartHeart® device?

Yes, please click here to view our SmartHeart® Quick Guide to easily learn how to setup your device and perform your first EKG.

How do I turn the SmartHeart® device on?

To turn SmartHeart® on, press the button on the front of the device and a constant blue heart light will illuminate. If you hold this button for more than a few seconds, the blue heart light will flash. This indicates the device is in pairing mode.

How long do the batteries last?

SmartHeart® uses two lithium AAA batteries, which will be supplied in your SmartHeart® Kit. These batteries will perform about 100 EKGs or 6 hours of power.

How do I pair SmartHeart® with my phone?

On your smartphone or tablet, open the Settings app and go to the Bluetooth tab. On the SmartHeart® device, press down on the power button for about 6-10 seconds until the blue heart light is blinking. Now, wait for your phone to discover the SmartHeart® via Bluetooth. Select “SmartHeart” on your mobile device and then enter the serial number located on the back and case of your SmartHeart® device.

Does SmartHeart® work on both Apple and Android phones and tablets?

Yes, SmartHeart® works with both Apple and Android devices, and the SmartHeart® app can be found in the App store and Google Play Store.

During my EKG, I cannot get all the leads to turn green. How do I get a better connection?

  • Try adding more moisture to the body where the leads come into contact. If you have thick chest hair, more moisture will be needed.
  • Tighten the belt to ensure the leads are making contact with the body.
  • Apply light pressure to the belt or device where the lead is showing red until it turns green.

How do I clean the SmartHeart® device?

Wipe the device using a soft cloth dampened with 70% rubbing alcohol or use the alcohol prep pads and wipes provided in the SmartHeart® case. After cleaning, dry the device with a clean washcloth and leave to completely air dry for 10 minutes. Do NOT submerge the SmartHeart® device in liquid or use household cleaning products.

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