Early Alerts for Heart Attacks​

SmartHeart (12-Lead ECG) + 24/7 Board Certified Cardiology Interpretations can save lives by determining if you are having a heart attack - anytime, anywhere. Sign up to learn more about how SmartHeart can help protect you or the ones you love.​

Early Detection
is Critical

Heart disease is the #1
cause of death worldwide
1 in 5 patients will suffer
a 2nd heart attack
within the first 5 years
50-80% of heart attacks occur with signs that
are often ignored

Life-Saving Technology

High-Quality FDA-Cleared ECG Technology
Trusted by more than 55,000 people, SmartHeart gives access to immediate and professional medical care during times of need.
Quick & Easy Set Up
Simply strap the device to your chest for a quick read on symptoms. No shaving, adhesives, or gels.
24/7 Rapid Results
Administer an ECG in under 30 seconds and receive expert interpretations from board-certified cardiologists within 30 minutes.
Portable Device
Perform full ECGs from home to hotel and beyond.

SmartHeart® by the Numbers

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SmartHeart is a lifesaver. After feeling dizzy one morning, I performed an EKG and spoke to a cardiologist who immediately told me to go to the hospital. I’m grateful that I am here today to tell the story!
When it comes to your herat, every minute counts. It’s scary to say that if I had waited just 10 minutes longer to perform use SmartHeart, I wouldn’t be here today.
I purchased SmartHeart following a minor heart procedure. While exercising one day, I noticed something wasn’t right. I performed an EKG and was told to immediately go to the hospital where the doctors discovered that my main artery was almost entirely blocked! They rushed me into surgery, and my life was saved, thanks to SmartHeart.
It’s been 5 years since my open-heart surgery. One day, I suddenly felt like I was going to pass out. The SmartHeart team reviewed my EKG and assured me that everything was OK.
Everyone needs a SmartHeart at home. While making dinner, I wasn’t feeling so well so I performed an EKG. A cardiologist compared my results to a previous report and reassured me that it wasn’t an emergency, but I should see a doctor soon.
Dr. Shifra
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The cost of care for patients with acute myocardial infarction continues after patients leave the hospital. At-home solutions offer a cost-effective means to manage cardiovascular disease. Telehealth services facilitated by SmartHeart®, the only FDA-cleared, hospital-grade, remote 12-lead ECG, enables substantial cost savings, while improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.